Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Here's some before and afters....

Decaf got her big ever so cute ears pierced.


Latte got his tooth pulled.


Shannon had heart surgery. (This is one of my better pics.)
After (Last week at my niece's soccer game)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Back.....Again!

Where to start....I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've even managed to lose 2 followers. Oops. We've just had a bunch of little stuff going on that has taken my time and energy (which I don't have much of) and while I have still been on and reading some other blogs I haven't done anything with mine.

I have come so far in my healing. It's really amazing. To think of where I was 6 weeks ago, even just 4 weeks ago, to now is unbelievable. I can dress myself, take a shower with out pain meds, get out of bed by myself, and even drove the car for the 1st time yesterday. Since the kids came home my sister has come to help out almost every day for weeks. She has helped cook, play with my son, called doctors for me, given the kids baths, and just been there. Her help has been priceless.

I could fill you in on weeks worth of stuff but I'll just pick up as if I had been posting all along. Tomorrow my sweet boy has to get a tooth removed. Front and center on the top. He had an injury to it about a year ago and we knew this day was coming. There is a little bit of infection in it that just won't go away and could end up infecting his permanent tooth. I'm so sad about this. It's years earlier than it would fall out naturally. And there's a chance that the other one may have to come out in the next year or two. :( His big fear is eating. Will he still be able to eat bologna? Yogurt? Chips? Ice Cream? (Can you see what healthy eaters we are?) I've been telling him that, yes, he'll still be able to eat but he's not too convinced.

My baby Decaf is walking all over the place. She can really move! Today I washed and put away her bottles for the last time. They are now back in storage until baby #3 comes along. Which we're not rushing by the way. I still have to recover from this little heart surgery issue. HA! Little nothing! This has been life changing for me. I have to say again how much your prayers meant to me. Oh, I haven't forgotten about the giveaway I promised. Just haven't got around to doing it.

For those of you reading this, thanks for sticking around even though I haven't been posting much and they haven't been all that great. Hopefully I'm on the upswing now.