Saturday, March 7, 2009

Family Day

First we started with a little picnic.

She just ate a little mac & cheese, not the shoe. Well, the shoe did spend time in her mouth too.

A trip to a local tunnel.

It goes back about 800 feet and was cold and damp. We had our flashlights and had some exploring fun.

Then the guys climbed up some rocks.

Finally a decent family picture. Gotta love a remote for a camera.

Then to a waterfall.

The guys hiked down to the bottom and had fun in the water. Well, the little guy did!

A great day!!!!


Amy B said...

Love the family all look great. Where in the world is that place you went. Maybe when I come to SC you could take me there. I would love to see more of SC then Spartanburg..ha.
Are you sore today? Get some rest.
You look so happy and healthy in your pictures...God is GREAT.

McCrakensx4 said...

What a wonderful day! You look great...hiking and everything..who woulda thunk! God is so Good! Love the family pic...wish my camera had a remote, I never can figure out my timer!

Momma_Hug said...

The pictures are great!! I can't believe you're out hiking already! Loved your family photo!

Melanie said...

Thanks....I will try to share as much info as possible! Hope you have fun with your camera!