Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Heart Pounding Season Finale

Shannon does nothing by the book. This time is no different. One day away from being released from the hospital, she starts wincing from the excruciating pain radiating from her chest. Several doctors were called. She was given an exotic cocktail of narcotics and other pain-killing chemicals, which only served to dull the pain. A sonogram was preformed on her legs to look for deadly blood clots. A monster-sized, portable x-ray machine was brought into her room to get a look at her chest, and if that weren't enough ... she was wheeled away for another round of contrast dye and another angiogram. When all the dust settled, and all the really bad possibilities were ruled out, they said must have been transient muscular/skeletal issues. I think it was a final test for me, and boy was it a doozie!

Well, she is feeling much better now. Of course she is on some powerful stuff! We will see in the next few days how she feels (at home) ... at home ... oh yeah ... we will be heading home tomorrow (Thursday). I am looking forward to seeing my kids again. Oh, I didn't know this was supposed to be "wordless Wednesday" ... too bad ... I didn't just type this whole paragraph for nothing ... you'll just have to read it, and like it. This is my last post on Shannon's blog. It hasn't been too bad. Though I don't see myself doing it on a regular basis. I am glad to have been able to keep everybody informed. Nothin but love for ya!



Kelly said...

sorry to hear she had a bad bout, but glad to hear that it was nothing serious.
Praying for you Shannon.
I pray your recovery is much speedier in the warmth of your own home with those you love and love you surrounding you.
Very gentle hugs your way.

He And Me + 3 said... sorry that you had to endure so many more tests. I pray that you are resting tonight and ready for your trip home. I will continue to pray for speedy and complete healing.

McCrakensx4 said...

How scary. Glad she is doing better and will be able to recover at home. Hoping and praying that is goes well.

Davisix said...

Wow...that scared me and I wasn't even there. SO glad all is well. We will miss you and your have been fun to read. Of course, all the good news you brought helped. :) HUGS to all of too!! Still counting on y'all coming over for a steak dinner when Shannon feels up to it!!! Ang

Keyona said...

Tell her to take it slow and we hope she get well soon!

Rebecca Jo said...

That had to be scary to feel the pain & the rush to do more tests... glad it seems to be OK & you still get to go home.

*Keli* said...

What a relief!!! So glad you all get to head home! I'm sure the kids are excited to see you both! Hugs to Shannon and thank you for keeping us informed! You are hilarious! :) I'll still be praying!

Amy B said...

Missing you ...let us know how you are doing...praying for you ..