Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big artist, little artist

My husband is very talented as an artist. Most recently he did a mural in a high school gym.

My son also loves to draw and color. He combines the word and says he wants to "droler". It's cute and one thing I just don't correct him on every time. We have a huge chalkboard that was being thrown away at a high school and my son loves to draw on it. I have no artistic talent. So when he asked me to draw the family I started drawing stick figures. After drawing a couple my son said he would draw Decaf. This is what he drew.

After he finished he stepped back and said, "...umm.....uh.....she just has a head and legs. That's ok Mom, right?" I was so proud of him! He must take after his daddy.


Davisix said...

My favorite part is that he gave her eyelashes! TOO too cute!! I'm a stick figure kinda of drawer too. That husband of yours is so super talented...I'm jealous!

McCrakensx4 said...

Awesome mural! and very cute stick figrues! I can't draw either and my kindergarteners get a good laugh when I have to draw something! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Gotta love them Grammas and Papas!

Ashley Griffin said...

wow! what an awesome mural your hubby did. my BFF is talented like that!! and what a cute pic your child drew!!!

Momma_Hug@Traveling Treasures said...

Your husband is VERY talented! That is an awesome mural! And your son is taking after him, how cute!

Rick said...

Your husband and son are gifted. Love the "just head and legs line" Very funny.

The wild boar was terrific. I've got a fat hog doodle on my blog somewhere. He's riding a motorcycle - in fact two of them somewhere.

God bless!!!

Kelly said...

He is very talented!! I am very challenged in that area!!