Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm way too tired to really blog anything tonight so I thought I'd just share this doodle (with permission) from Rick at Organized Doodles. Rick writes, "The fellow depicted in this illustration doesn't hold his arms out while blindfolded - as a person with a blindfold normally would. He leaves his hands in his pockets. He is able to have confidence that when he takes that first step, he will discover that the things, or the One, he had hoped for is there."

Thanks, Rick!

And it's not to late to check out this giveaway at Better Home Interiors. Ends tonight at 9 mst. If I mention it I get another entry. :) I love the item they're giving!


Keli said...

Love the doodle and the scripture!! I'll try to check on the contest! I'm sooo behind in commenting! xo

Rick said...

The doodle looks good here Shannon. Thanks for the "heads up" and the kind words. I hope to post a new devotional doodle each weekend. we'll see how I do.

Stay "tooned"

McCrakensx4 said...

Cute doodle, although I think I probably would have my hands out stretched! I need to have more faith I think! Thanks for sharing!

Davisix said...

Really great it!