Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just an ordinary day

We found a snake in the yard today. Just a tiny one. Snakes are one thing I'm not petrified of. I'm much more afraid of a spider. I have a healthy fear of snakes. We looked online and found out it's just a harmless little snake thankfully. Having a boy means catching all sorts of things.

I have a friend who may soon be joining this blogging world. She's my best friend from my days growing up in Florida. I told her about my blog and after reading it and some others she's ready to join. Once she's up and running I'll let everyone know so they can check her out.

My son has asked about 3 more times to go see the "2 boys and 2 girls and lots of horses and the mommy". I like how he throws her in there now. :-) So we'll definitely be planning another get together.

I changed my playlist to holiday music. I love this time of the year. My hubby doesn't like Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving is over but I'm ready by now. Now Christmas is extra-special since we have a Christmas girl. My little Decaf has her first tooth coming in. She hasn't been too cranky yet so I guess it's not hurting too bad.

All this is definitely rambling today. It's just been an average day around here and I don't have anything too significant to blog about. But try to check out the link on my sidebar for "Zoey." That will give you plenty of reading material and someone to pray for.


Ashley Griffin said...

i love Christmas music too. i will be adding a christmas playlist soon!!!

Davisix said...

Oh, a! NOT! LOL I am way more bothered by snakes than by spiders.

I love that your little man has now included me in our little family here. :) When you coming back to visit?

Keli said...

I'm going opposite of way am I scared of snakes over spiders! I used to have my very own snake! They aren't so bad! I'm not ready for Christmas at all...I LOVE Thanksgiving. The day after, I'll be on the same page as you! : )