Friday, November 14, 2008

Green Eggs and.......Bologna?

Latte has been asking for green eggs & ham for a few weeks. We have the Dr. Seuss book and have read it a thousand times but only recently he's started asking for some. I didn't have any food coloring in the house so I had to buy some first. This morning I finally made it except I didn't have ham, only bologna. He loved it! I made grits with it but he said "no" to green grits.

The look on his face is him trying to be silly. NOT a reaction to my cooking!!!

This morning when Latte got up I ignored him for a few minutes and tried to sleep just a little longer. I was amazed that he busied himself and didn't bug me. I shouldn't have been amazed, I should have been worried. Because this is what I came out to.

What I thought was one of his favorite books was cut into many pieces. Now for the record, I didn't take this picture in front of him. He got in trouble and I didn't want to down-play it by taking a picture at that time. I'm just thankful it wasn't one of the few books on his bookshelf that are mine from when I was his age. And I'm glad the scissors weren't used on something his sister.


Davisix said...

Are you SURE the face he is making isn't a reflection of your cooking? Because I made tuna salad sandwiches today and all my Things looked at me just like that! LOL!

And, OH, that book! Was that one of those where you had to actually act madder than you were? Or were you really upset? Hey, you got some extra zzz's. :)

xoxox Ang

McCrakensx4 said...

I don't mean to laugh, but BAH BAH! Been there and done that with scissors! As for the green eggs and ham, we do that in March for Dr. Seuss' bday! yummy!

Ashley Griffin said...

oh, i have sooo been there too. except my middle cut his own hair too!!! not sure if i could eat the green eggs though. i do typically get that look when i fix something they don't like!

Rick said...

My Mom gave me green eggs once, but I think it was because they sat in the frig for a couple of weeks before that.

Rick said...


Just noticed that you became a follower of my blog - I am honestly/truly honored. Thank you.

I would love to see some of your husband's doodlings.

I've created many of masterpiece during a sermon or two.

Jamey said...

yes, I remeber doing the green eggs
& ham, we even did the milk. oh that poor book!