Monday, November 3, 2008

Spiders & Sweet Potatoes (Totally Unrelated)

I have followers!!! 4 people have found me worthy of following. That is so exciting. And tomorrow I get to meet one of them, Davisix. So I'm sure we'll both blog about that a little bit tomorrow.

Tonight my son and I spent 30 minutes in the kitchen trying to kill a huge spider and avoid being attacked and mortally wounded by it. Yes, I do have a slightly irrational fear of spiders. I saw Arachnophobia when I was way too young and have been scarred. I'm trying to not pass that fear along to my little boy, who at his age loves all bugs, but when I'm screeching and yelling at him to get up on the table, there's a chance some of my fear could rub off. Now that its been 2 hours and everything has calmed down my behavior seems a little comical. I was practically hyperventilating and the only thing I had to spray it with was a clorox spray. My son stopped dead in his tracks when I told him to get on the table. That's how he knew I was serious. When you spend your days telling them to climb down off that _______ (whatever) and then one day you yell at them to climb back up on it. I really do hate spiders and one of my hero's is the pest control man.

Moving on....I was taking some pictures this evening of my adorable little Decaf on a stuffed rocking horse and was just delighted. She's finally got some balance and was mostly sitting on it by herself. When she got done I scrolled back through the images on my camera and saw something funny on her forehead. It's not a birthmark, no, it's sweet potatoes. From lunch....about 5 hours earlier. Upon examination I found them on her ear and a few dabs on the back of her head. Oh, and she's still in her pj's from last night. So this is what happens during my official 1st day as a blogger. Does it go downhill from here? Maybe tomorrow she'll be lucky if I even remember to feed her lunch. :)


Davisix said...

This is hilarious! And I can so relate (not about the spiders...they don't bother me much) but with the leftover food on the face. Did you see my post last week about Thing 3 and the eggs? Oh yea, they were all dried and caked on there...I could just flick them off with my finger. Yuck! And yes, it's all because of blogging. :) See you later...can't wait!!

Momma_Hug@Traveling Treasures said...

How funny! I too do NOT like spiders one bit! I have done similar things with my boys. Had a spider crawling on the wall, high enough to where if I would have smacked it down it may have gone down the sleeve of my shirt. Yes, I tend to think things through a bit too much. So to get it down I was throwing an empty milk jug at it. My boys thought I had gone mental or something. I was finally able to get it down to the floor and my then 8 year old stepped on it for me. I can SO relate to your fear! In fact, I grab any kind of cleaner to spray it so that it will be slow enough for me to kill. Hehe. Thanks for this post. It was too funny and relatable.
Have a good time with Angie and family. They are wonderful!! My family and I miss them dearly.

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny...I am also deathly afraid of spiders and react the same way! Love the pics of Decaf and I must admit, I have pics of my kids with food on their faces too! oh well, whats gonna do?!